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Hello! Let me introduce myself, I'm
Isaac Schwab

I’m a software engineer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I received a degree in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota. Read more about me and my work below.

About Me

I have 5+ years of full-stack development experience and am determined to make an impact in a rapidly changing industry. I’m currently involved with web3 development building FishFight.one, an NFT fighting game on the Harmony blockchain. I’m advocating for web3 developers as a Governor on the Harmony Developer DAO. My toolset includes developing frontends, APIs, backends, and applications on EVM compatible chains. I focus on functionality, performance, and visuals to build a better, more inclusive web for all users.

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Outside of work, I have a variety of side projects that I use to improve technical capabilities and explore new technologies. Recently, I dove head first into web3 development and blockchain technologies. Past projects have included web and game development, design, and photography.
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My time away from computer screens is filled with a variety of hobbies. I spend a lot of time mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, and exploring the outdoors. When I'm not in Minneapolis, you will often find me along the North Shore of Lake Superior or on one of Minnesota’s many lakes.
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Work Highlights

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A NFT fighting game, built on the Harmony ONE blockchain.
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Progresso Soups

The consumer facing website for the Progresso Soups brand built using GatsbyJS and Wordpress.
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Box Tops for Education

The API and services that power the Box Tops for Education mobile app and website.
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